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Frail patients are staying in hospital longer than would otherwise be necessary because the care they need in the community is not available. This can prevent new patients being admitted and operations have been cancelled due to beds being taken up by patients who could leave hospital with proper care elsewhere. Long hospital stays reduce the chances elderly patients can be rehabilitated. Age UK blamed cuts to social care for creating a situation where elderly patients end up in A & E and also blamed lack of social care for requiring patients to stay unnecessarily long in hospital.[63] The situation has worsened due to cuts in government financial support for local authorities which caused social care for elderly people to fall 17% between 2009/10 and 2013/14.[64] In July 2016 the time patients spent in hospital waiting for care in the community reached 61,000 days which was up from 33,000 days In July 2014. This adds to the costs and pressure on the NHS.[65] Patients staying longer than needed in hospital due to problems with the next stage of health or social care rose by more than a quarter in 2016. The Health Foundation, the King's Fund and the Nuffield Trust published a warning that cuts in social care funding cause "significant human and financial costs on older people, their families and carers" and keeps people "stranded in hospital

In South Africa provincial Hospitals are low on bed for patience to recover.

Patients are discharged and families often untrained has to care for the loved one.

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