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Patient Hospital  Gowns SMALL to XXXXXL  with tie backs COLOURS BLUE and WHITE


Lab Coats white specify size 

Doctors Bed Couch Covers with straps 

Doctors beds with and without face hole

Massage Beds with and without face hole

Patient Cover Sheets

Cotton Cellular Blankets


Laundry Bags

Bunny Blankets Theatre Gowns JAGE GREEN SMALL to XXXXXL

Towels Bath Sheet

Towels BathTowel

Towels Hand

Sage Health Solutions Home Care Products

Sage Health can make the care of your loved ones simpler and dignified.

We dare to care

Home care made easy

Home nusring is becoming increasingly popular as costs associated with institutional care spiral foreve upwards.

With the correct equpipment, home nursing can become a more manageable task. 

Sage Health Solutions have been supplying specialised equipment and consumables to the health and beautty industries for many years, and this experience is now available to those practising home care.

Patient home care.

We at Sage Health Solutions has the privilege to assists families when setting up a patient at home for home care.

It all starts with choosing the right hospital bed.

We offer a range of beds.

Catheter Care

Catheter Care

Catheterisation of patients is carried out mostly for the following reasons in terminal care:

• To relieve retention of urine
• A comatose patient
• To manage incontinence when no other means is practical

An indwelling urethral catheter is a foreign object to the body and therefor is may be associated with problems. Catheter care is aimed at optimizing patient comfort as well as limiting the complications of catherization.

General Care

Giving Medicines

There are 3 ‘rights’ always to be kept in mind when giving medicines:

• Look at the label on the bottle or container
• Measure the amount correctly and put it into a small glass to prevent spills
• Medicines are given at regular times, before the effect of the previous dose wears off and before the symptom recurs

Patients experience a wide range of symptoms, some due to their disease, others caused by it treatment. Pain is one of the most distressing symptoms in palliative care, other distressing symptoms are:

Feeding, Mouth Care, Giving Medicines, Syringe Driver Care


Food plays and important role in the care of your patient.

The diet may be full, light, soft or liquid depending on the condition of the patient.

A full diet is a normal diet.

A light diet is an easily digested diet avoiding indigestible foods.

Viz. cucumber, tough meats, fried and roasted foods and gas forming vegetables, e.g.

Cabbage, and very spicy foods.

A soft diet is a full or light diet, which has been mashed or minced to make chewing unnecessary.

Positioning the Patient in bed

Adjustable Hospital bed

Dorsal recumbent:

Patient lies on his or her back with the head elevated by the back end of the hospital bed with one or two pillows.

Legs straight or knees lightly flexed with a supported pillow (Sage Health Solution Antimicrobial Wedge)

For complete relaxation and when carrying out some treatments.


Patient nursed on right or left side with one pillow or two pillows comfortably under the head.


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What do our clients say…

Without Sage Health Solutions, we could not have cared for my mother in law quite as well as we did.

I would like to thank Gheelmeyah and her friendly staff for assisting and answering all our questions thus providing us with products and service that were new to us.

Shukran and I shall surely refer anybody that is in my position to you.


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Manager | Enterprise Markets

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