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"On behalf of myself and my family we wish to convey our sincere gratitude for the purchase, and the good price of the bed, and the other items for my mother. This has enabled us to make our task easier and lighter, and made my mother's last days with us as comfortable as possible

We will recommend your services to anyone that requires it."

Brenda Schlosz

"Sadly, I will not be requiring your services as my mother passed away on Wednesday evening. When you called, I was sitting with her.

I am sorry that we will not be doing business, but you can be assured that I will highly recommend your very professional yet caring service to anyone whom I may encounter who needs you."

Diana Folscher

"To whom it may concern

I would like to extend a heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to the staff at Sage health Solutions.

As a health care professional we are taught to care for our patients with the highest quality and care. When it was my turn to care for my mother through her struggle with cancer, I wanted nothing but the best for her and I find with the products from Sage health Solutions we can definitely achieve the high standard expected of us.

The products are of supreme quality, durability and sustainable in the sense that it saves money in the long run, the Sage Health Solution products aim to provide patient care while upholding patient dignity through their illness and this rings true in every way.

I do wish your company to grow further from strength to strength so that more people can experience caring for their loved one with pride and joy."


"Dear Gheel 

Sage Health Solutions

We, as a family, hereby thank you and your team from the bottom of our hearts for introducing us to you products. It was your products in bedding that made everything much easier during the time that we cared for our mother at home. Especially the Cellular blankets, Draw sheets, Pillow, and much  more. 

My  father, 84 years old, uses the antimicrobial flat sheets and fitted sheets.  This product is really a fantastic product as it really does not get wet during bed-wetting. It can be wiped off and is very hygienic.  We really can’t do without it.  Thanks for going the extra mile in providing us with ¾ size in this product. 

May your efforts be much appreciated by others too. "


"I recently had to urgently find hospital furniture for my parents home, as
my dad was in an accident and the reality that he needs help slowly sunk in.
Through word of mouth I came across Sage Health Solutions and from the start
I was greeted with warm comforting professional words of wisdom..I felt that
my cries for help was being understood and that the Sage team knew exactly
what I needed and what needs to be done. After visiting the show room where
I could see exactly what the products (in my case a hospital bed, bedding,
mattresses etc) look like I placed my order and the goods were delivered at
my parents home the very next day.

The delivery team did the set up without a hitch and during the rental
period I did experience a technical problem, again the team came out swiftly
to address the issue.

I am extremely grateful to the Sage Team for their caring and understanding
way of dealing with me...I relied totally on their expertise in the field
and they were spot on.

I would not hesitate to recommend Sage Health Solutions to anyone as they
are truly miracle workers on many levels Many thanks"

Leonorah B

"Wasalaam to All

Algamdoelilaa Shukr Allah almighty for the good kind hearted people HE has greated on this Dunya.

After collecting this helpful products from Warda, beloved mom can now have a good bath and we can splash her with water.

This product made such a difference to our daily life and life so much easier.

Gheelmeyah shukran so much for your kind gift toward Mom.  May Allah SWT grant your business  (and Warda's) to grow from strength to strength Inshallah.  May Allas SWT grant you and Warda (for connecting me with you) good health and Baraka and Rizq and everything that is good in this world and the Aghierah Inshallah.

May Allah SWT be pleased with ALL of us Inshallah.

Shukran once again ladies may all doahs made for you and by you be accepted Inshallah."


What do our clients say…

Without Sage Enterprises, we could not have cared for my mother in law quite as well as we did.

I would like to thank Gheelmeyah and her friendly staff for assisting and answering all our questions thus providing us with products and service that were new to us.

Shukran and I shall surely refer anybody that is in my position to you.


Nazlie Dalwai ®| Service Delivery

Manager | Enterprise Markets

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