Pressure Care

Aim: To provide comfort and prevent pressure sores.

A pressure or bed sore is localised tissue damage caused by pressure to tissues devitalised by malnutrition and insensitivity.

Pressure reduces the blood supply to the soft tissue and skin in the areas.

Pressure parts: Pressure sores are inclined to form on pressure parts e.g. sacrum shoulder blades, spine, hips, heels, ankles, toes, elbows, ears.

A healthy person resting or sleeping normally makes many slight changes in position to relieve the pressure. In a seriously ill person the following may prevent these movements:

Weakness, pain, unconsciousness, paralysis, incontinence, emaciation (very thin), obesity.

The first sign of trouble is usually patches of redness on the skin. At a later stage, the area feels hard and the skin has a bluish tinge.


Direct causes:

Prolonged pressure

Broken skin



Contributory causes

Fat and thin patients


Low resistance


Poor blood circulation


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