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Make the sick patient’s room as cheerful as possible. (With the assistance of SAGE HEALTH SOLUTIONS)

He may have to lie there all day, and boredom and despondency can soon settle in.

Avoid leaving him or her on his own for too long. Loneliness can be can be the most dressing aspect for the bedridden.

Place a table or similar near the bed for medicines, drinking water and perhaps a small bell he can ring if he needs attention, or a telephone. Give him a radio, or TV set, and a supply of newspapers, books or magazines.

The Bed

Pressure Care

Aim: To provide comfort and prevent pressure sores.

A pressure or bed sore is localised tissue damage caused by pressure to tissues devitalised by malnutrition and insensitivity.

Pressure reduces the blood supply to the soft tissue and skin in the areas.

Pressure parts: Pressure sores are inclined to form on pressure parts e.g. sacrum shoulder blades, spine, hips, heels, ankles, toes, elbows, ears.

Bed Bath of Patient

Patient Pack

During a bed bath the mouth and pressure parts are attended to; and soiled linen is changed.
(Sage Health Solution Patient Pack)


1) To cleanse the skin.

2) To freshen the patient, especially if he or she is hot and clammy. Also helps to reduce a raised temperature.

3) To soothe a restless patient and promote sleep.

4) To provide some diversion from a monotonous routine.

Guidelines for working with the Terminally ill

Be honest

Be real. Stay with the present and be down to earth.

Allow the patient to set the pace.

Keep the patient’s needs central to the decision that are taken.

Enable the family to get involved.

Allow the patient to review his or her life.

Encourage expressions of fears.

Understand and be sensitive to the emotional stages in the process of dying (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance).

Be kind, warm, patient, and gentle in approach.

Be ready to get support for yourself.

Giving Suppositories

Giving Suppositories

Rectal suppositories are solid cone shaped pills usually made of cocoa butter or gelatin in which a drug is incorporated. They are inserted into the rectum (back passage) where they dissolve to perform the following functions:

1) Morphine – to relive pain

2) Diazepam – sedative and anti – convulsant action

3) Cyclizine (Valoid) 0 to relive nausea and vomiting


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